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 eliminates metric tensors and kronecker deltas: eliminates metric tensors and kronecker deltas:
 <sxh groovy; gutter: false> <sxh groovy; gutter: false>
-println ​EliminateMetric ​>> '​g_mn*A^m + d_n^a*B_a'​.t+println ​EliminateMetrics ​>> '​g_mn*A^m + d_n^a*B_a'​.t
 </​sxh>​ </​sxh>​
 <sxh plain; gutter: false> <sxh plain; gutter: false>
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 <​html><​hr style="​border:​dashed #555555; border-width:​1px 0 0; height:​0;"></​html>​ <​html><​hr style="​border:​dashed #555555; border-width:​1px 0 0; height:​0;"></​html>​