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 </​sxh>​ </​sxh>​
 See [[documentation:​ref:​setMandelstam]]. See [[documentation:​ref:​setMandelstam]].
 +generates a list of mass shell and general Mandelstam substitutions for 2->3 processes:
 +<sxh groovy; gutter: false>
 +def mandelstam =
 +     ​setMandelstam5([k1_a:​ '​m1',​ k2_a: '​m2',​ k3_a: '​m3',​ k4_a: '​m4',​ k5_a: '​m5'​])
 +println mandelstam >> '​k1_a*k2^a + k3_b*k1^b + k5_a*k1^a'​.t
 +<sxh plain; gutter: false>
 +  > (1/​2)*(s-m2**2-m1**2)+(1/​2)*(-t1+m3**2+m1**2)+(1/​2)*(s+t1-m4**2-m2**2-m3**2+t2-m1**2)
 +See [[documentation:​ref:​setMandelstam5]].
 ---- ----