OutputFormat is a enum that defines different formats of string representation of expressions in Redberry.

There are several available output formats. In order to specify a particular one one can do:

import cc.redberry.groovy.Redberry
import cc.redberry.core.context.OutputFormat

    def expr = 'a * F^{A}_{A m n} + g_mn'.t
    println expr.toString(OutputFormat.Maple)
  > a * F[m, n, ~A, A] + g_[m, n]
The above result can be directly pasted to Maple system.

The available output formats are: Redberry, Cadabra, LaTeX, WolframMathematica, Maple, UTF8, SimpleRedberry. The last one can be used to print matrix objects in a convenient and human-readable format.

One can set the default output format in the following way:

//set Cadabra output by default
CC.defaultOutputFormat = OutputFormat.Cadabra

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