• PowerUnfold expands all powers of products and unfolds powers of indexed arguments into products.
  • PowerUnfold[var1, var2, …] expands only with respect to the variables var1, var2, …
  • PowerUnfold is similar to PowerExpand when applied to indexless expressions.


Unfold power of tensors:

println PowerUnfold >> '(A_m*A^m)**3'.t
   > A_{m}*A^{m}*A_{a}*A^{a}*A_{b}*A^{b}

Unfold with respect to A_m:

println PowerUnfold['A_m'] >> '(A_m*A^m)**3*(B_m*B^m)**2'.t
   > (B_m*B^m)**2*A_{m}*A^{m}*A_{a}*A^{a}*A_{b}*A^{b}

PowerUnfold works same as PowerExpand in the case of indexless expressions:

println PowerUnfold >> '(a*b)**(1/2)'.t
   > a**(1/2)*b**(1/2)

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