• Reverse[type] reverses the order of matrices of specified type.
  • Reverse[type1, type2, …] reverses the order of matrices of types type1, type2, … in expressions.


Reverse product of matrices:

defineMatrices 'A', 'B', 'C', Matrix1.matrix
def t = 'A*B*C'.t
println t
   > A*B*C
println Reverse[Matrix1] >> t
   > C*B*A

Reverse does not affect traces:

defineMatrices 'A', 'B', 'C', Matrix1.matrix
println Reverse[Matrix1]  >> 'Tr[A*B*C]'.t
   > Tr[A*B*C]

Reverse with respect to several types of matrices:

defineMatrices 'G_a', Matrix1.matrix, 'U_a', Matrix2.matrix
def t = 'G_a*G_b*U_m*U_n'.t
println Reverse[Matrix1, Matrix2] >> t
   > G_b*G_a*U_n*U_m

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