• UnitarySimplify simplifies combinations of SU(N) matrices and SU(N) structural and $d$-constants in expression.
  • By default UnitarySimplify uses notation T_A for SU(N) matrices, f_ABC for SU(N) structural constants, d_ABC for $d$-constatnts and N for dimension.
  • UnitarySimplify[[Matrix: T, f: f, d: d, N:n]] specifies the notation for SU(N) matrices, structural constants, $d$-constants and dimension .


Simplify product of SU(N) matrices:

defineMatrices 'T_A', Matrix2.matrix
println UnitarySimplify[[Matrix: 'T_A']] >> 'T_A*T^A'.t
    > (1/2)*(N**2-1)*N**(-1)
println UnitarySimplify[[Matrix: 'T_A']] >> 'T_A*T_B*T^A'.t
    > -(1/2)*N**(-1)*T_{B}

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